Monitor bezel

by floriske, December 16, 2012

Managed to get some work done today, but not everything turned out like I hoped for (luckily all fixable).

I routed the monitor panel today:

Since I’m using a guide bush on my router for this I took a few left over pieces of plywood and screwed them onto the monitor panel.

I’m using an 18mm guide bush and a 12mm router bit so I have to screw the plywood 3mm further away from the lines that indicate the screen size (hope that makes sense )

Next I started routing in steps of about 5mm in depth until I completely finished the hole for the screen.

Since I want to slightly flush mount the monitor I had to move plywood pieces further outside for routing the second stage:

Resulting in the semi-finished panel (already filled the screw holes on these pics):

Test fitting the monitor:

After turning it around…:

… I discovered that I made 2 mistakes:

– The hole for the monitor panel is about a mm or 2 too wide resulting in the metal edges of the screen being visible.

Going to “fix” this by making the metal edges black.

– Because 18mm of the monitor panel will stick behind the bottom marque panel I had to shift the monitor 18 mm to keep it centered in the visible area of the panel. But I shifted the hole in the wrong direction, resulting in the monitor being way off center

Luckily this panel will get painted instead of stained so I’ve filled the old dowel holes in the narrow side and drilled new ones on the other side (no pictures of this because the filler is drying atm and needs sanding afterwards)

It was raining on and off today and I reckon both mistakes are because of being too hasty, a good lesson not to be next time!


Here’s one extra picture of the panel back in place after filling and sanding the old dowel holes: