Monitor disassembly and some cabinet work

by floriske, December 11, 2012

Since I’m always busy with other stuff and it’s winter (read: bad weather) because of witch I can’t do much work outside (the router work etc. is what I have to do outside to prevent a thick layer of dust that I need to clear out on everything in our garage) this project progresses slow, but I’ve managed to get some small work done the past few days.

First of all I’ve disassembled the monitor:

Next to that I’ve routed the slots for the marquee:

As you can see the slot in the top panel is deeper than the one in the bottom panel so I can slide the marquee into the top first and let it drop into the bottom one next.

I’ve also drilled a few dowels in the top edge of the monitor panel to connect it to the bottom marquee panel. This way I’m sure it aligns propperly and the marquee bottom can’t bend this way either.

They are not going to be glued together because the monitor panel will be a different color and mounted seperately/non permanent so if I’d even need a new monitor it will be easily exchangable.

With this done I could do another test mounting to see if all parts fit like they should and so far so good: