CP hinges, ventilation and speaker slots

by floriske, January 15, 2013

It’s been a while since I posted an update, mainly due to the holidays and being busy with all kind of other stuff. Amongst which “Selling my motion sim”.

But picked this up again today and started with making my cp hinge points.

At first I wanted to use standard hinges for this, but thought of a method of creating something my self (which is more fun of course ).

Instead of the panel that was cut for this purpose I took a leftover piece with the same length as the original one. It’s still a bit too wide but I will cut this to the right size later.

First of all I drilled a hole with my dowel drill on each side of the panel at the point I want the panel to turn:

Next I routed little slots with my bench top drill which has a cross table for simple routing work.

Took a couple of dowels, drilled a 2,5mm hole in them and fitted an m3 hex bolt:

Putting the parts together results in my own “sliding” hinges which makes the cp easily removable when needed.

To drill the holes inside the side panels of the cabinet I used a few simple dowel center points. 18-12-2012

Curious what the router template was for? Here’s the answer.

First of all it was sort of an experiment to see if this type of work could easily be done with a plunge router.

But most important it was for my ventilation- and speaker slots in the back- and top panels:

The XR in the center was just a little extra. Since it’s the back it won’t be really visible, but it was fun to do and ads some extra ventilation to the cabinet

Here they are placed back in the cab:

And a last pic of my cheap #55 speakers.