Control panel work

by floriske, April 30, 2013

I’ve put aside some of the other stuff I’m busy with atm and finally did some more work on my bartop.

First of all because my admin panel is 41mm thick (2x18mm wood + 5mm top) I had to route down the backside of it so the happ buttons can be mounted properly:

Next I routed the holes for the joysticks.

First I made a template for the routing work. Since I’m using a 12mm router bit in a 17mm guide bush I had to make the holes in the template 5mm larger than the desired final size.

For correct alignment I drew a cross onto the CP as well as on the templates at the center of each side.

First I routed the trough and through holes for the body of the joysticks.

And next the ones to flush mount them.