Internals tidied and back panel mounted

by floriske, July 3, 2013

finished tidying up the internals and mounted the back door:

I had some noise on the video signal which turned out to be caused by the 12V psu for the amp and LED strips. Simply connecting a wire between the PSU negative and the monitor chassis solved this. (the black wire you see running to one of the vesa mounting holes).

With this the project is just about done

All that’s left to do is:

– Open the xbox and solder the power and eject wiring for the CP
– The little artwork detail on the bezel (decided to try and print this myself on our OKI laser at work on waterslide decal paper which I ordered today)
– The serial plate. For this I have some leftover “stainless steel” decoration foil onto which I will stick the design, once again on waterslide decal paper.