Multiple course BBQ diner

by floriske, August 11, 2018

I cooked a multiple course BBQ diner for us and my parents. Serving the following:

  • Cajun garlic pulled chicken on a small spelt bread bun with red onions and seasoned potato parts with skin
  • Greek “keftedes me domatosaltsa”, served with stuffed pointed pepper with mozzarella, spring onions and cherry tomatoes
  • A combination of Cheddar/jalapeno and Chorizo sausages braised in beer with onion, apple and thyme, served with home mad garlic sauce and a stuffed portobello with Italian herbs, cream cheese and red pepper
  • As a side dish I made a pasta salad with home made tomato sauce and sun dried tomatoes
  • Finally the desert where milkshakes with fresh mango and banana, topped with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and caramel sauce